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experience youth

ages 12-22


Lem & Mina kaikala

"Hi there, our names are Lem and Mina Kaikala, and we are the Student Directors here at We are dedicated to teaching your youth about Christ, and developing a foundation that will set them up for success in their own personal walk with God."


We know that your youth can be in the toughest of environments, such as school, or may just want a break from being home. Our goal is to create an atmosphere where they can let go and be themselves with the opportunity to find the help that they need and/or desire.


Relatable &

Even though the Bible itself is timeless, we do our best to bring it about in the most relatable way so that your youth doesn't just hear on how to live like Christ, but will learn how to be Christ like.

contagious & applicable

When your youth comes, we can ensure two things by the time they walk out the door. They will leave knowing a friend, and leave with having the opportunity to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

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