We at Experience Church.tv believe in the great commission,
Mark 16:15 “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all nations.”

We believe that we can accomplish this by partnering with other believers and ministeries to help reach people for Jesus. Every missionary and missions organization that we support are people that we have developed relationships with over the years and trust and support with our prayers, finances, and even missions teams

Hearts For Nepal

About Hearts for Nepal:

Our Hearts for Nepal ministry has established a hostel for at-risk girls. Scholarships are awarded to individual girls from the age of 5-17 currently living in a Badi community and at risk of being trafficked. The decision to join our hostel program is initiated by the girls’ family. When interest has been expressed, our team conducts a family interview and initiates the scholarship application process. Once a scholarship has been awarded, legal custody of the girl is given to Hearts for Nepal for as long as they remain in the program.

Soul Purpose Ministries

About Mike and Jyoti Van Buskirk:

We are committed to fulfilling the Great Commission in our lifetime! Jesus said He’s coming soon, and by the grace of God we will do our part to make that happen. We serve Jesus in India; where there are more people who need Him than perhaps anywhere else in the world. What an opportunity! God has called us ‘together’ with others around the world ‘to gather’ fruit for eternity!

Mike and Jyoti Van Buskirk, along with their two children Joshua and Mahima, serve Jesus from their ministry base in Sikkim, India. They are working alongside Jyoti’s family who is from Sikkim. Jyoti is from India, and Mike is from Eugene, Oregon, USA. The Lord brought them together, and they were married August 31, 2002. Together they are impacting the nation of India and beyond for the glory of God!

Everett and Evelyn McKinney

About Everett and Evelyn McKinney:

Everett grew up in Yakima, WA. and Evelyn in Spanaway, WA. They have been missionaries since 1969. Although their headquarters is in Singapore, they do not maintain a home or apartment as they live “out of suitcases” twelve months a year. They have 2 sons; Steve who is a pastor in Manila, Philippines and has 3 sons, and Doug who is an IT specialist at Bonneville Power with 2 daughters.

About what they do:

  • Mission Focus: training national ministers, leaders, Bible school teachers, Christian educators, and missionaries
  • Education consultants and trainers of faculty to any/all of over 100 Bible Schools in Asia Pacific
  • Involved with Asia Pacific Theological Association, helping schools to upgrade their education to do the most effective job possible of training church leaders
  • Short-term assignments in Bible schools with critical needs in Asia, India, Europe, and former USSR republic
  • Ministry in restricted countries such as Vietnam and Myanmar
  • Teaching and preaching ministry to meet regional and local needs within countries Revival meetings, missions conventions in schools and churches
  • Seminars – pastoral ministries, leadership, Christian education, Christian family
  • Sunday School teacher/cell group leader training

Tony Cooke

Purpose and Vision of Tony Cooke Ministries:

Tony Cooke Ministries has an assignment to strengthen churches and leaders. Tony and Lisa understand the challenges and demands encountered by spiritual leaders. They have a great passion for the success of ministers and the local church. And they are committed to helping pastors, church staff, and congregations achieve new levels of excellence, effectiveness, and productivity.

TCM is accomplishing this in the following ways:


Tony and Lisa minister in local churches and at conferences and seminars. Tony often speaks at pastors’ conferences and conducts seminars for those in the ministry of Helps. Lisa teaches on worship and speaks at ladies’ meetings. Together, Tony and Lisa occasionally conduct marriage conferences.

Producing Books and Video Resources

Tony is the author of several books and video series that are designed for personal and small group study. Click here to view these resources.


Tony Cooke Ministries has a robust website (www.tonycooke.org) that is loaded with materials designed to equip and empower leaders. It is updated and refreshed monthly. Last year, the website had 194,539 unique visitors from 214 nations and territories.

Eric Barger

About Eric Barger:

After spending two decades immersed in the world as a record producer, rock musician, drug addict, and practicing New Ager, Eric Barger (pronounced Bar-jer) is now widely recognized in the area of Christian Apologetics and Discernment Ministry.

He is the author of numerous books, including the best-seller From Rock to Rock, Entertaining Spirits Unaware: The End-Time Occult Invasion (with co-author David Benoit) and Disarming the Powers of Darkness. He has produced dozens of videos detailing various aspects of the Cults, the Occult, World Religions, Spiritual Warfare, Current Events, Bible Prophecy, and today’s Entertainment Industry all in the light of a biblical worldview.

In 2017, Take A Stand! TV was birthed as a vehicle to produce pertinent teaching and interviews for viewing worldwide. Now, through live streaming, archived episodes, electronic downloads, and DVD production Take A Stand! TV has become a primary vehicle in presenting Eric’s ministry.

Through his materials and the Take A Stand! Seminar series, Eric has sought to refute the Cults, Islam, New Age philosophy, and various aberrant religious systems both within and outside the Church. Regardless of the topic, the goal has been as our mission motto declares, “to see the Lost Saved and the Church Changed by the Power of Jesus Christ!”

Jaron and Sarah Patterson with Operation Mobilizationr

About Jaron and Sarah:

Jaron and Sarah work with OM Ships in the head office in Mosbach, Germany. Jaron's role is New-Media Coordinator with the communications team. This largely involves social media, web video and identifying any way in which we can use new technology (though with a very small budget) to reach people. We use the OM Ships brand to encourage the church to mobilise, particularly with a focus on reaching least reached people. And we use the Logos Hope brand to try to reach people who have visited one of our ships all around the world, with the Gospel.

Since the ship ministry began, OM ships have welcomed an average of 1 million visitors up the ganways every year. Since we began our focused efforts with social media, we have reached around 5 million people each year just through Facebook alone. We get messages from people who visited one of our ships years ago, asking how they can get a bible and find out more about becoming a Christian. Even from muslim people in countries like Yemen and Turkey.

Everyone who works with OM raises support to cover living expenses, which means you can be part of our ministry by supporting us directly.

Dr. Joe Hernandez

About Dr. Joe Hernandez:

Hello everyone! I’m Dr. Joe Hernandez. I grew up in the “LD” track (learners disability) in the United States in California’s Los Angles County School district. I am the fourth of six children and my mother had me at the age of 21. My father was murdered when I was 9 years old. My family is too messed up to mention here, and I don’t want to embarrass anyone. I “Fought” growing up what seems like everyone all the time. I wrestled with really bad drug and alcohol addiction and never want to face the experiences I had in those dark days again. I am more committed to learning, listening and leading others with encouragement to pursue their Destiny than you can imagine. This all happened when I gave the broken pieces of my life to Jesus Christ and he changed the story altogether. I will never forget how I was baptized and filled with the Holy Spirit. I graduated from Rhema Bible College in Tulsa, Oklahoma, graduating from the Pastors’ class. After that I obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Church Leadership from Bethany University in Santa Cruz, California. Then I went on to earn a Master of Divinity from Golden Gate Theological Seminary in San Francisco, California in 1997. I earned a Doctorate Degree focusing on “Marriage Enrichment” from Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I promise you I love my wife, son and daughter far beyond what you are used to. I have been in full time ministry since March 1995. I have been graced to minister in churches all over the US and several countries in conferences, camps, crusades, conventions and dozens and dozens of congregations.