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Kids experience church

6 months - 11 years


Lem & Mina kaikala

"Hi there, our names are Lem and Mina Kaikala, and we are the Student Directors here at We are dedicated to teaching your children about Christ, and developing a foundation that will set them up for success in their own personal walk with God."

Interactive learning

Interaction is a must with children, especially when it comes to learning. We break down and teach the foundational truths of the Bible so that your child will leave with more than just a fun experience.


Kids Safety

  • No diaper changes by any worker. We will notify parents for a diaper change.

  • Multiple Security Camera in every classroom.

  • All helpers are background checked.

  • Only authorized KEC Dream Team, Pastoral Staff, and Watchmen allowed in all classrooms and children's areas.

  • We have a Buddy System for classrooms and bathrooms.

  • A minimum of 2 helpers in the room at all times with children.

  • Our classrooms are sanitized as needed during our open hours, and fully sanitized once classrooms are closed.

Parental Assurance

We pride ourselves in our check-in system and facility security so that you can rest assured with your child in our care. You can know that they will be safe and secure from drop off to pick up. If a situation arises with your child during the service, we will contact you via text message.

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