Local Outreaches

Here at Experiencechurch.tv

we have a heart for our local community.

Here are a few things to which we are involved in.

Care Net

Standing for the right to life, CareNet is a local organization that helps provide alternatives for abortion to young pregnant women. Things such as ultrasounds, to basic motherly necessities. 

Back The Blue

We have continual outreaches and commitments to our local law enforcement, supporting safe communities with responsible policing.  Click Here if you would like to help support our law enforcement!

Toys For Kids

At Christmas time, we collaborate with a local organization called Toys For Kids. By having a toy drive, we support families who find themselves in a rough spot during the holidays. 

Life Line Screening

We host a medical screening which helps people understand their risk for developing chronic conditions before symptoms are present while they can still take action.